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Frequently Asked Questions of Waya Users

Hello! Are you a Waya User or looking to use Waya? You have questions? We have your answers. Read on.
Which countries is Waya available in?

Waya is currently available in:

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya

We are actively working on adding more countries to the list of where our services are available. So please keep checking our website and social media pages for new country updates.

Is Waya just a mobile app?

No please. Waya is available as a mobile app on Google Play store and a web based application for all users at http://app.wayamoney.com

Is the Waya app available on iOS app store?

No please. The Waya app is currently not on the iOS app store but we hope to have on the iOS app store soon. In the meantime, Apple phone users can still access Waya vai the web application by signing up at http://app.wayamoney.com

Does the Waya have an e-wallet?

No, Waya does not have an e-wallet for now. We do not hold your money but Waya rather facilitates transfer of your money from your mobile money wallet or bank card or bank account in payment to another mobile money wallet or bank account across Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

What do I need to sign up as a Waya user?

Waya has two user sign up options:

  • Regular user sign up, available for everyone.
  • Merchant user sign up for businesses.

To sign up as a Regular user, you will need the following:

  • Be resident in the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.
  • A currently active email address and a valid phone number of Ghana or Nigeria or Kenya.
  • A valid identification document (voter’s ID, passport, driver’s license etc….it varies per country)
  • A selfie photo of you (this can be taken by you on sign up or uploaded

To sign up as a Merchant user (business) you will need the following:

  • A registered legal business in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.
  • A currently active email address and a valid phone number of Ghana or Nigeria or Kenya for your business
  • Your business registration document/certificate and its details.
  • A photo image of your business registration document/certificate.
  • A valid identification document of the one signing the business up. (voter’s ID, passport, driver’s license etc….it varies per country)
  • A selfie photo of the one signing the business up (this can be taken by you on sign up or uploaded)

NB: All uploaded documents are treated as confidential and held in a secure encrypted format; subject to regulatory review and compliance evaluation to ascertain if they are genuine and valid. A user’s access to Waya shall be revoked if he or she is found to have signed up with fraudulent information and false documents.

What can financial transactions can I do with Waya?

With Waya (mobile or web app) you can undertake the following:

  • Transfer money locally within Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.
  • Make payment from Ghana to Nigeria and Kenya or from Nigeria to Ghana and Kenya or from Kenya to Ghana and Nigeria.
  • Request payment as Waya merchant from the mobile money/M-pesa wallets of your customers.
  • Request payment from other regular Waya users.
  • Issue refunds as a Waya merchant (available on the web application for Waya Merchants only.)
Can I use Waya to pay money to Ghana from Nigeria?

Yes you can pay money to Ghana from Nigeria using Waya. Waya as an application will allow you to pay money to Ghana from your bank account by adding your Bank Card (Mastercard or Visa) as a fund source.

What is Waya’s exchange rate for money payments between Nigeria and Ghana or Ghana and Kenya?

Waya does not have a fixed forex rate for cedi to naira or shillings to cedi transactions as our rates are updated every four (4) hours.

Our rates are available for your preview in-app when you sign up and login. Our rates are however reasonable and competitive.

What happens when I transfer money or make a cross-border payment and the money is deducted but the recipient does not get it?

Once Waya successfully deducts your money from your mobile money wallet or bank account but fail to pay out to your recipient; our system will automatically try to make payout for the next 30 minutes; should our system for technical reasons, such as mobile network or 3rd party banking issues, still fail to make the payout to your recipient, then we will refund your monies back to you fully in 24hrs or less.

I cannot sign in to my Waya app?

Please check your internet connection or your make your typed password is correct. You can make it visible to see if you typed it in correctly.

Can I pay money from my M-Pesa in Kenya to a mobile money wallet in Ghana?

Yes you can. Once you add your M-Pesa as a fund source. You can go ahead and either type in a Ghanaian mobile money wallet number (MTN, AirtelTigo, and Vodafone) with the three digit country code of Ghana starting (i.e. 23324123456789) OR choose the number from your loaded contact list (available for Waya mobile app only).

Once you enter the amount and ensure the country selected is Ghana. You can simply click “send” or “continue” to pay money from your M-Pesa in Kenya to a mobile money wallet in Ghana.

Are local money transfers and cross-border payments on Waya instant?

Yes. Payments and local money transfer on Waya are instant (under 7 seconds). Once all correct details are given and a valid mobile money number or M-Pesa or Bank card with enough funds is added then a successful transfer can be made.

There can be slight delays from time to time but 8 out of 10 times are transactions are instant with no delays.

Are there payments or transfer limits for Waya?

Yes there. Waya has daily payment/transfer limits as well as transaction volume limits for all Waya users both Regular users and Merchant Users.

Users will be informed by our system when their daily or transaction volume limits have been reached.

I cannot sign up with my email?

If the email you are currently trying to sign up with has been successfully used to sign up for any Waya User account (Regular or Merchant) before then our system will not allow you to use it again for another sign up.

Waya allows only one email per user account.

I have an issue using Waya and cannot find help in the FAQs, what do I do?

Kindly reach out to our customer support team via the following channels with your enquiry:

  • Whatsapp: +233 55779 6939
  • Email: support@wayamoney.com
  • Phone call: +233 55779 6939

We shall attend to you promptly. Thank you.